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Flingues, munitions, armures et options de combat


Guns will come out. Swords will unsheathe. Damage will be done. The same questions are at the center of it all: Who will suffer, and who will survive?

Shadowrunners stare violence in the face daily, deciding how much they’ll inflict, figuring out how they’ll remain alive. They know the prices that must be paid—the hard work of training, the challenge of recovery, and the continual effort to live with what you’ve done. Some shadowrunners develop a code to help them know what to do and what to avoid. Others decide to just develop a short memory.

Firing Squad is the book to help shadowrunners pay those costs. It has new weapons, qualities, and techniques to hone shadowrunners’ combat abilities while also looking at how to develop characters based on the codes they follow and the
violence they face. Take your character through new twists and turns and experience the shadows in a brand-new way.

Firing Squad is a core combat rulebook for Shadowrun,Sixth World.

Shadowrun 6 - Firing squad 002
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